About Pachinko


The History of Pachinko

1930s First Pachinko hall opened for business in Nagoya.
1940s All the shops and factories are stopped because of World War II.
In 1948 Shoichi Masamura introduced the “Masamura Gage”,prototype of modern machines.
1950s The “Renpatsu-shiki” pachinko machines were developed.
1960s Machines with “Tulip Ball Catcher” appeared.
1970s Electro-mechanical pachinkos appeared.
1980s Machines with disital displays,”Disipachi” appeared.
1990s Pachinko machines with LCD video screens appeared.

The History of Pachislot

1960s Slot Machines enter this industry.
1980s Pachislot became famous and a lot of Pachinko shops started to install slot machines.
1990s No.2 through No.4 Pachislot machines appeared.
2000s No.5 Pachislot machines appeared.