Corporate Profile

Our Business

Daikoku Denki is a market-creating enterprise that continues to offer innovative products for pachinko halls and game-machine manufacturers.

As a specialist in the business of pachinko−a leisure activity representative of Japan−Daikoku Denki has engaged in the development,production and sales of computers and other information system equipment for pachinko halls, as well as software development and the development, production and sales of assembly units for pachinko game machines since it was founded in 1973.

The basics of our business lie in the needs of pachinko fans. We make ceaseless efforts to upgrade our products and services from the perspective of pachinko enthusiasts: What do they expect from pachinko halls? What kind of performance or environment would provide the desired amusement? We continue to make proposals that meet pachinko fans' expectations to improve the management of pachinko halls and the development capabilities of game-machine makers.

Serving as the basis for an exchange of information,Daikoku Denki encourages the sound growth of the pachinko industry

Daikoku Denki offers a system to facilitate the effective flow of information among those involved in the pachinko business: pachinko fans, pachinko halls and game machine manufacturers.

For pachinko hall operators, we offer a total network system by integrating the Daikoku Denki Strategic Information System (DK-SIS)−the industry's only system for supplying information to Japan's leading pachinko halls−with the C? Series hall

computing system to optimize the use of game machines and replace them at the best possible timing. For game machine manufacturers, we supply information obtained through DK-SIS, such as the operation rate of the various game machines installed at the member halls, to help them set a policy for developing new machines.

For pachinko enthusiasts, we provide information on pachinko halls and game machines through PC and cell-phone Web sites and pay TV channels.

With the highest priority on the interests of pachinko fans, Daikoku Denki supplies the information they want, and feeds back their responses to hall operators and game machine manufacturers, thereby encouraging the continued sound growth of the pachinko industry as a whole.