Corporate Profile


1965/9 Daikoku Sangyo founded in Higashi-ku (present-day Chuo-ku), Osaka
1973/7 Daikoku Denki Co., Ltd. established in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, with business rights assigned from Daikoku Sangyo,and launched sales of electrical equipment and machinery
1974/4 Launched production of control units with the advent of the first pachinko game machines with motorized pay lines
1974/10 Launched sales of the Omicron ComputerⅠhall computer
1981/4 Launched production of display units for pachinko game machines
1984/6 Began sales of the Omicron PS-80, prize management POS system
1990/4 Created a membership-based database of business information for nationwide pachinko halls and launched the Daikoku Denki Strategic Information System (DK-SIS) series to support hall business management
1990/5 Began sales of the IL-10 Intelligent Lamp call light
1991/10 Began sales of the VR-10 Data Robo, which releases data of game machines to players
1993/4 Began issuing the RoboCard, a pachinko membership card
1993/11 Launched production of liquid-crystal display (LCD) units
1999/11 Began sales of Neppachi, a prize-earning network pachinko game for home gaming systems
2001/5 Published “Pachinko NOWi” on NTT DoCoMo’s official website, which provides payout information
2001/10 Released C, hall computing system for integrated business management
2002/11 Listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange
2004/4 Listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange
2005/4 Dixeo Inc. established and information-content operations spun off as a subsidiary company
2006/2 Genki Co., Ltd. established as a subsidiary company through acquisition of stock
2006/3 Daxel Inc. established
2007/10 Released a new brand-name “MIRAIGATE” that promotes the management support of pachinko halls
2009/4 Released BIGMO, new information device
2011/5 Headquarters relocated to 1-43-5 Nagono, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
2011/7 Daxel Inc. joined in Japan Electric Pachislots Machine Association (Nichidenkyo)
Joined in Prepaid System Association (PSA)
2012/4 Released VEGASIA, CR Unit that can analyze “fan trends”
2012/7 Bought out Dixeo Inc.
2013/3 Daikoku Sangyo Co., Ltd. established
2013/11 Released BiGMO PREMIUM, information device that increased fan satisfaction by increasing the size of the monitor and enhancing the content
2014/8 Joined Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)
2015/10 ALOFT Co., Ltd. established
2016/3 Released REVOLA, information device that discloses information on each machine equipped with a giant 7-segment display and a large, beautiful LCD, embodying the “fan-first” concept
2017/6 Released “Fan-SIS,” the industry’s first fan trend data publication service
2019/6 Released the industry’s first AI hall computer “X(KAI)”
2022/4 Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market and Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market due to market reorganization
2022/12 GLOBAL WISE Co. established as a subsidiary company through acquisition of stock