When was Daikoku Denki founded?
It was founded on May 30th, 1973.
How do I get to the Daikoku Denki office?
The map to the office is available in “Office Locations“.
Is there a website for the Daikoku Denki Group?
There is a link “Daikoku Denki Group” in the Corporate Profile.
When was Daikoku Denki’s share listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
It was listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2004.


When is the fiscal term?
It is on March 31.
What are your latest financial results?
Financial information are stated in the “Financial Information“sections.
Where can the information of past performance financial results be found?
They will be available in the “Consolidated Balance Sheets” and “Consolidated Statements of Income“.
Where can the indicators such as ROE, Interest-bearing Debt Ratio, and Equity Ratio be found?
They are found in the “Financial Outline
When will the next financial results be announced?
Please refer to “IR Calendar“.


What is the security code for Daikoku Denki?
It is 6430.
What is the trade size of Daikoku Denki shares?
One trade size is for 100 shares/unit.
When is the shareholders’ meeting held?
Shareholders’ meeting will be held in late June.
How much is Daikoku Denki’s annual dividend?
For current and historical dividend, please refer to “Dividends Information“.
Are there any preferential services for shareholders?
Daikoku Denki provides no preferential services for shareholders and treats all equally.
Who are Daikoku Denki’s major shareholders?
Major shareholders information, please refer to “Stock Information“.
What is the percentage of shareholding by foreign investors?
Shareholders’ composition, please refer to “Shareholders’ Breakdown by Investor Type” in “Stock Information“.
When is the decision date for dividend payments?
There is year-end dividend on March 31st, and interim dividend on September 30th.