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President and Representative Director
Masakatsu Kayamori

Facing the challenge of pioneering a new age based on our accumulated trust

More than fifty years have already passed since the founding of Daikoku Sangyo, the predecessor of Daikoku Denki. Looking back at our history, we have fully demonstrated our personnel strength and product power, based on our liberal corporate culture that values independence, while responding to the changing times. Because we have continually offered the best proposals by putting ourselves in our customers’ position, we have built strong relations of trust and grown into a company of choice.

Now, the times are about to change drastically. Our industry is approaching a turning point too and so we are exploring new ways forward. With the future being so unpredictable, it is vital that we build a strong revenue structure that will not waver amid changing market conditions. And we need to respond to change flexibly and quickly.

We will sometimes stand strong in defiance of change while other times accepting and reacting to change. Both ways will be needed for us to get through these times. Once we put this hard and soft strategy into action, we will be able to show a new spirit of challenge to all Daikoku Denki’s shareholders and investors who kindly support us.

We are proud of our No. 1 personnel strength and unique product power. We aim to lead the rest of the industry in a positive direction.

April 2023