Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Basic policy on disclosure (information disclosure)

The Company aims for fair, prompt and appropriately timed information disclosure to shareholders and investors. In the disclosure of information, the Company will strive for the positive disclosure of important information pursuant to the Rules on Timely Disclosure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as information that the Company has judged independently will exert an impact on investment decisions.
In addition, the Company will also disclose positively information that it has judged will be particularly useful in understanding the business of the Company and the Company Group.

Information disclosure methods

With regard to the disclosure of important information falling under the Rules on Timely Disclosure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, after disclosing said information on TDnet, the timely information disclosure system of that exchange in accordance with those rules, the Company will promptly publish the same information in the press and on the Company’s website.
In addition, the Company will also aim for the accurate, fair and prompt disclosure through the press and the Company’s website of information that does not fall under the Rules on Timely Disclosure. In particular, the Company will publish the information of financial results briefings and business briefings on the Company’s website and strive for fair information disclosure.

Future forecasts

The managers of the Company make judgments with regard to the plans and strategies concerning the future forecasts of Daikoku Denki Co., Ltd., published on this website, based on the latest available information and such plans and strategies contain risks and other uncertain elements. Consequently, we ask that you please refrain from making investment decisions with complete reliance only on these business forecasts.
Please be aware that actual results may differ greatly from these forecasts due to the economic environment surrounding business, trends in demand, and trends in foreign exchange centered on the US dollar and Euro.

Quiet periods

In order to prevent information that would impact on the share price from leaking during a period when we are preparing the materials for an announcement of financial results, we refrain from commenting or answering questions on financial results from the day following the last day of a (quarterly) financial results period to the day of the announcement of financial results as a “quiet period.” However, if an earnings forecast ascertained during a quiet period differs greatly from a forecast already announced, the Company will disclose that information in a timely and appropriate manner in line with the Rules on Timely Disclosure, etc.